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Are you struggling with your weight? Do you find no matter how many diets you go on you end up gaining more weight than what you started with? Would you like to live the thin life you always dreamed of?

You can.

Let me show you the way in ten steps….

10 steps to get you to your dream life.

Step 1: Stop dieting immediately! The first thing a person does when they want to lose weight is start restricting food. This is not the answer. In fact, cutting back on food will only increase your hunger and lead to obsessing over food or worse binge eating.

Step 2: Eat three meals and one metabolic snack daily and space the meals about four hours apart. The idea is not to get so depleted that you’ll eat anything, instead keep replenishing your fuel so you’ll want for nothing. You’ll be satisfied rather than starving.

Eat what, you ask?

Eat food, real food.

Start your day with fresh fruit, lean protein, a teaspoon of fat (olive oil, coconut oil, et cetera), a serving of dairy, and a starch such as raw oats, sweet potato, or any that is real.

Four hours later you’re ready to refuel again. Choose vegetables, a teaspoon of fat and lean protein to power you through the afternoon, until your next feeding four hours later.

At this point, pick a metabolic snack consisting of protein and fruit and then four hours later your dinner of protein, vegetables, fat, and starch—and voila you’re ready for bed in a few hours.

The snack and dinner can be switched if it fits your lifestyle better. Flexibility, creativity, and loving your food will keep you in the right eating lifelong.

Step 3: Begin a moderate daily exercise program now. Often we don’t move our bodies enough due to the modern conveniences of automobiles, remote controls for our televisions, and any other handy-dandy thing to avoid movement.

This is a huge mistake.

Exercise is a must. But rather than thinking of it as drudgery think of it as something fun.

Go dancing if you love to dance, skate board if you like to feel the wind beneath your wings, cycle or jog or join a boxing club. Whatever it is you decide to do make sure it’s fun and a good fit with your lifestyle.

The other day I was having the hardest time keeping up with a hunk of a guy with his hat turned backwards looking like that and more in front of me on the Broad Walk. I used him as my motivation. You know, like the carrot in front of the horse. Well, let me tell you, when this guy turned and I saw his face I was shocked to find he was sporting at least 80+ years!

Age is a matter of the mind. Go exercise!

Step 4: Sleep! Often we don’t get enough sleep. Sleep regenerates and heals the body, giving you the right start each new day. Lack of sleep leads to low energy and moodiness, which in turn may lead to binge eating to power you through your day. This kind of eating, more than not, is processed, high calorie, zero nutritious foods. You might as well eat cardboard which might have a better nutritional value.

Step 5: Tap into a spiritual connection. No need to do it alone—reach out to a Source greater than you. Spiritual doesn’t have to be a religious connection; it could be a Higher Source, energy. Spiritual sacredness is a personal, internal vision—a part of the self that refers to faith in something greater and more profound than self.

Step 6: Meditate. You don’t need fancy books or training to slip into quiet stillness.  Close your eyes, take a few long deep breaths, and let the experience take you wherever it will. Don’t place expectations or agendas on you—just let go. Just be.

Step 7: Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Water is a natural fluid that quenches the thirst and without toxic substances like sweeteners that will only trigger sweets and starchy carbohydrate cravings.

Step 8: Never skip meals, especially breakfast because deprivation leads to poor eating habits. In this case, less is not more. When you are starving, because you haven’t eaten, you will become so desperate you’ll eat anything—doughnuts, cake, cookies…ring a bell?

Step 9: Reach out and connect to others. Eaters are often isolators—disconnected from the outside world. In my binge eating days I was hiding foods because I was embarrassed about how much weight I’d gained and eating alone disconnected from others was comforting and safe. Nobody could see me

Step 10: Pray. Yes, you read that right. Isolators tend to spend a great deal of time alone. Think of praying as talking to a best friend who doesn’t judge or place expectations on you but rather loves you unconditionally. Reaching to your understanding of a higher energy opens the port to healing from the inside out.

Are You Living Your Best Life?

There you have it—10 ways to live the thin life you always dreamed of. Starting a healthy lifestyle is more than half the way towards achieving your goal. The rest will come when you see results and feel totally awesome. I speak from years of experience and accumulated knowledge based from personal and professional. My  patients learn to build options as they transform from unhealthy to healthy body and mind.  It’s beautiful to witness patients surprise and joy as they build their health security.

What steps do you implement in your daily lifestyle? What steps seem  impossible? If you could change one thing that you do that’s standing between you and your success with you health what would it be?

I’d love to hear from you, I care!


Dr. Lisa

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