There is a fountain of youth:

it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life

and the lives of people you love.

When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

~Sophia Loren


Many people fear aging, that it’s the end of happiness and fun activities. I say, aging is a mindset. WE can age gracefully if we believe we can. There was a time, especially for women, by forty years of age it was downhill. Not anymore.

This snub stems back as far as we can remember, but today youth stretches far beyond forty. Youth not as it was, but with a new view. Youth meaning healthy, active, vibrant, useful and living life with purpose and intention.

Yes, life with purpose and intention, regardless of the age, keeps the mature population youthful. How? Well, we need something to look forward to and something to do that puts a pep in our step.

What is that something? The something is individual to each. For some, writing opens the valve of purpose, while others it building with wood and still others it signing up for a marathon of some sort, or creating a new career.

Of course, eating well, moderate exercise, and an active lifestyle and waking up with a purpose all work in concert, making that perfect move towards aging gracefully.

Celebrate Aging

The good news is pendulum has swung towards embracing aging fully. There used to be a pressure to get a particular look, but today, we’re celebrating the beauty of women of all ages, and men too.

Okay, yes, men had it easier, but they age too and are prone to depression, muscle fatigue and overall decline if not actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle—just like women.

Veronica Webb, after 35 years in the modeling industry, reached a turning point after fifty, where women her age no longer got modeling jobs. Webb started a pro-aging lifestyle blog, Webb on the Fly, where she says, “When you celebrate your age and your beauty without being apologetic, you own your power. It’s so important.”

Yes, that’s the key benefit of aging gracefully, to embrace where you are right now without apologizing or feeling bad. Wearing the lines with confidence speaks to every laugh and smile.

Change is Happening

Every day we are seeing more and more models advertising beauty products in their mature years rather than a young woman promoting a makeup for older skin. Or the hot young thin, gorgeous model standing by the exercise machine in an advertisement as if the machine made her young and beautiful. No, the mature woman and man now also stand next to the exercise machine.

The subliminal message was you can look this way too if you exercise on this machine, while the gorgeous, young thin model demonstrated. Yeah right. Probably the model of twenty never used the machine and naturally looked spry without a wrinkle in sight. But, this is changing, slowly.

Today, we’re seeing more and more authentic models and stars sporting their natural look. Back in 2005, Susan Sarandon became a new face at Revlon at age 58. Today she’s 75 and looks amazing. Thank you, Susan, for paving the way for all of us aging gracefully.

Recognized today, more and more, are mature women and men appreciated exactly as they are where they are in their aging process. Hurray for us!

Now you might read this thinking, heck, they probably got cosmetic surgery, and maybe they did. But if you don’t eat healthfully, exercise, live fully with less stress, you won’t be physically fit sporting a healthy glow no matter the surgery.

So, stop fearing aging. It’s not the end of happiness and fun activities. Aging gracefully, barring an illness, is a mindset. WE can age gracefully if we believe we can. No more is aging the beginning of going downhill. Not anymore.

Do you fear aging? Who do you know that’s aging well? Are they aging well because of genetics or lifestyle, or perhaps a combination of both? Please share your thoughts. We’d all love to hear your take on aging.

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Stay tuned. You never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care!
Dr. Lisa
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