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Imagine Money Into Reality

With a closed mind and heart, the light cannot enter.~Shelby Taylor Weaver An excerpt from Release Your Obsession With Money: Heal from the Inside Out, coming soon…fall, 2021! What would imagining money into reality be like? Is that possible? Well, yes, it is possible to imagine money into reality, but how you begin the process […]

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Is There A Writer In You?

There is more to life than just increasing its speed. ~Mahatma Gandhi   Last week I had the honor of talking about my books on Boomers on Book. Vince Stevenson conducted the interview all the way from London. We had a lively chat about writing books, particularly how I got started and why books on […]

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Are You on the Yo-Yo Diet?

Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.   ~Ecclesiasticus 30:15     An Excerpt from: Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out I’m often asked how I went from overweight to normal weight after years of bouncing up and down. Let’s be […]

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Confession of a Food Addict

In everything the middle course is best; all things in excess bring trouble. ~Plautus Okay, so I wrote all these articles, and books, on weight gain and weight loss giving the key suggestions on how to keep weight off when you obsess over food. The tried-and-true examples and solutions for food addicts I write about […]

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Are You Stuck in the Imposter Syndrome?

One Person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine with only interests. ~John Stuart Mill The Imposter Syndrome How can we be our own cheerleader when we don’t believe in our self? Many feel they aren’t who they say they are or didn’t accomplish what they say they accomplished. When doubting your […]

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