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Is the Chocolate Bunny Calling You?

Our festive time is festive in a somber way. There will be no gatherings, sharing meals with our family and loved ones; instead, perhaps we’ll connect via virtual meals, a live video session waving and smiling from afar.

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Binge Eating Disorder vs. Food Addiction

Do I have Binge Eating Disorder or is it Food Addiction, or Could it be a Combination of Both? Have you ever gone back for an extra serving of food when you weren’t hungry? How about mindless eating between meals on occasion? I’m sure most of us at some time or another took an additional […]

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Death is so Final

Death is so final. When I learned of Whitney Houston’s untimely death I was greatly saddened—one more addicted person lost their life. The loss of this great icon shadowed my own personal tragedies of people I loved who died before their time. As I reminisce in my mind there are so many losses. I’ve said too […]

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The Doctor is Human First…

I was just talking to a patient the other day and she was asking me who Dr. Lisa turns to when she is not in the office practicing. The question caught me off guard. As the days progressed I continued to ponder the question. Who do I turn to? I am human first, and then […]

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