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Now What? Holiday Festivities, Sugar and Spice….

The representation is that if you don’t eat the “celebratory” foods, then you’re missing out on the holiday season. Your merriment won’t be quite on target with everyone else’s. So you eat. And eat. And eat some more,

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Valentines Day!

As I was taking a wonderful walk this morning, listening to the birds singing…the sky as blue as blue can be…and flowers blooming, I was thinking about what Valentines represents to me today, versus years ago before I understood my food addiction. In the past, chocolate for sure was my first thought with Valentines. And, […]

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Christmas in Florida!

Christmas day is about to come to a close. What a glorious day! We celebrated our annual Christmas Eve party last night. Always a gala event in our home. The house was filled with music, laughter, hugs, and tons of food. As our party was winding down, requests for foods to take home began to […]

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