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New Year’s Resolution: Stop Dieting,Start Eating

If you can dream it, you can do it. ~Walt Disney   New Year’s Resolution—Stop Dieting Start Eating—Release Your Obsession with food! Have you ever wondered why you start every new year with a promise to yourself to eat healthfully, only to end up making several rounds of fast-food and grocery-store stops—the displays beckoning you […]

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New Year’s Resolution—Stop Dieting Start Eating!

There’s no such diet or trick or secret as losing 20, 40, 60 or whatever number of pounds you want to lose in a few short weeks and or months. Belinda’s 500 calorie diet sets her up for quick weight loss followed by quick weight gain. I know, been there done that a million times.

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Dieting on Empty: The Problem with Diet Mentality

I recently helped my patient Melinda sift through her New Year’s resolution, coaching her on diet mentality and how to make healthier food choices to quiet her binge eating. She is a voracious dieter, never trusting herself to put together an eating-for life formula to compliment her lifestyle. In short, she had all the makings […]

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The Law of Higher Potential Rather Than New Year’s Resolution to Release Weight and Obsessions with Food

Are you starting another diet this year? Did you last year make a new year’s resolution to lose weight once and for all? How about committing to a healthier lifestyle? Did you promise yourself you would exercise or better yet you bought a fancy machine to work off excess weight starting January 1, 2012? We […]

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