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Eat Your Way Through Europe Without Cheat Days

While working on my second to last chapter in my up coming book, Release Your Obsession with Cheat DAZE: Heal From the Inside Out it took me back to a wonderful, magical time in my life.

It was back in July, on the 13th of 2016 to be exact, and I was headed to England first, and later Italy.

What a trip!

Reviewing and editing before sending this chapter to my fabulous editor for final edits I was transported back to that time in Europe. I’d never traveled there before so I was wide eyed, with a toothy grin the entire time.

Healthy Eating

The reason for this newest book, and this chapter in particular, is to talk about healthy eating no matter where you are and whom you are with.

In fact,  whole foods are in,  I just read recently healthy eating is the new skinny. 

Too often we think of long weekends, holidays, birthdays, and travel as a time to indulge in succulent foods, as we practice our cheat day…or days as it often becomes.

My goal in this third book is to take the reader on a travel through various states and countries, along with festive occasions, such has holiday time, vacation time, birthday, etc., and show you how to have a blast but not make the food your entertainment—or for that matter your event. When you do such things in the light of cheat eating you’ll not remember the occasion because you’ll be in a drunken stupor with the sugar and toxins in your system.

I recall on my European trip, a few times, where my family companions ate to the point of discomfort, grabbing their bellies regretting in disgust and pain from filling beyond the capacity.

Is it worth that? I think not.

I ate lovely foods of cheeses, fruits, meats, fresh fish, and whole starches, never missing or wanting anything, and not eating to the full of discomfort.

It was freeing.

No guilt or what if’s, should of’s, and could of’s. I was in the moment. You can be too. How you ask?

Well set out with a plan of some sort. I was listening to a podcast the other day on intuitive eating, which I’m not a total fan of, when working from the food addict view, but nonetheless, the guest speaker noted that one can not be an intuitive eater, if coming from an eating disorder, without having a true plan in place, long before attempting intuitive eating.

I have a patient who came out of an entire year of treatment where she was taught intuitive eating, but no attention was given to her food addiction only her bulimic, binge-eating behavior. So though she doesn’t binge and purge—all good—she does eat total junk foods of cookies and cakes and poor quality fast food, all while listening to her hunger and full cues.

Not good.

In time, she’ll make her way back to her poor binge/purge behavior as she’s done for years since she was 12 years old—cycling in and out of treatment. Today she is 26 years old.

So back to Europe, I was on a trip with years and years of an eating plan in place, making it easier to stay the course as I always eat a good source of protein, fruit, starchy carbs, dairy, and fat each breakfast, with vegetables, healthy fat, and protein for lunch, a hearty half meal of fruit and protein, followed by a dinner of protein, vegetables, clean fat, and starchy carbs. It’s programmed in my head, almost robotic-like, no matter where I go, or whom I’m with.

This began almost 23 years ago when I realized I could not control my food addiction, and needed to follow a simple plan that provided all the nutrients I needed. This is true to date, but now it’s simple, where when I first started I needed to record my foods, talk to my sponsor daily from a Twelve-Step program I attended, and make an appearance at meetings.

It was a process.

Me with Mickey my Sister

        Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

So sitting here, at my getaway to get a way, and finish my chapters I’m reminded of my trip to London and Northern Italy and Rome…and how I navigated through the vacation, from start to finish, without missing a beat.

In fact, though I did eat plenty, with all the walking and hiking, I burned through my food and did come home with a 13 pound loss…that I didn’t need, nor want, as I was maintaining my weight.

Here we are, my sister (on the right) and I (on the left) about to throw our coins backwards into the fountain, so we can surely return.

I’ve taught and walked many patients through the process freeing them of their food issues, and diet chasing, so they can live happy and full lives without the control of food. You can do this too!

Have you been fighting the cheat day mentality? Do you think it’s possible to go anywhere in the world and eat healthy?What are your thoughts about the reality of clean eating no matter what, no matter where? And if you think there is no such reality as eating healthy when on vacation I’d love to hear from you too.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care

Dr. Lisa

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