Never give in—never, never, never, never.

~Sir Winston Churchill

Have you ever paused to reflect on whether you truly accept yourself as you are at this very moment?

It’s a question that often brings about a pause, as many of us grapple with the concept of self-acceptance. I believe, more often than not, the struggle stems from a condition I like to call “comparisonitis.”

In a world saturated with images of perfection and success, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. We find ourselves yearning to mirror someone else’s appearance, wealth, status, or career.

But here’s a thought: What if we could simply be who we are, where we are, and move forward with positivity, purpose, and intention?

Admittedly, this is no small feat. The journey toward self-acceptance is challenging, yet pivotal, if we seek to transform our mindset. To walk confidently, be strong, and become our best selves, the starting point is acknowledging and accepting who we are at this very moment—not some idealized version we think we should be.

This isn’t a call for complacency. It’s a call to embark on a journey of self-improvement without the weight of urgency, without constantly comparing ourselves to others, and without the burden of perceived expectations. It’s about analyzing from a place of self-love and understanding what changes can enhance our lives.

As someone who has penned six books and is eagerly expecting the release of a seventh on guilt and another on historical fiction, I understand the relentless feeling of not measuring up. Putting your work out there, unsure if it will be liked or bought, requires courage. Yet, I continue to do it, anyway.

                                    Just Write!

My advice? Take the plunge.

Don’t let fear be the roadblock on your path to self-acceptance.

Feel the fear and do it, anyway.

Moving forward is about you, not about what others might think.

Writing has been my constant companion since my early years.

I started journaling my thoughts as a young kid, and those books from age 12 and onwards still grace my shelves. What’s interesting is that, over time, I’ve changed.

I’ve stopped comparing myself to others, abandoned the pursuit of arbitrary standards, and embraced self-acceptance.

I exercise daily, nourish my body with proper nutrition, and find solace in prayer. It’s my way of embracing life, even when the world is filled with strife. In my practice, I encounter heartbreaking stories, but by staying committed to my routines, I find the strength to navigate through the tough times.

This past year, 2023, has been a challenge, building on the difficulties since 2020. I find myself busier and more successful than ever, but also more fatigued. Changes may be on the horizon for me, though I’m uncertain about the details.

What I know is that it won’t be a journey marked by urgency or frustration.

Writing will remain a constant, for that is my passion.

Now, I turn the question to you: Do you accept yourself as you are right now? Are you on a journey of self-improvement? How do you envision your future unfolding? It’s a reflection worth exploring on your path to self-acceptance.

The journey towards self-improvement is a path worth exploring, one step at a time.

Please share your thoughts—you are in good company. Simply scroll to the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you, what you have to say is important.

Thank you for being a part of the reading blog forum and spending time with me and my thoughts throughout these pages. I hope my words lit your excitement to become your best self for you. I look forward to sharing my newest book with you on how to release your obsession with your Phone. God bless you… and your journey through this life and all that awaits beyond…

To learn more about recovery from food addiction, eating disorders, weight issues, dieting, aging,  money, and your phone, please check out my Release Your Obsession Series.

Stay tuned… you never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care!
Dr. Lisa

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