Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS). The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) is the only organization in the world that certifies professional competency to treat eating disorders through its CEDS and CEDS-N certifications.  At present, there are 104 CEDS or CEDS-N professionals with active certifications.

Don’t hesitate to send her an email at: drlisaort@www.weightcontroltherapy.com

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[thrive_toggles title=’Why am I binging? ‘ no=’1/2′]A person who binges with food may be suffering from an eating disorder known as binge eating disorder. A binge is a large amount of food eaten in a small period of time with little regards for consequences. Often a person feels guilt and shame after a binge. It is not uncommon for a person to hide their food and binge alone. A binge may be to avoid something that is bothering you.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Why can’t I stop eating?’ no=’2/2′]You may be having trouble stopping eating because you suffer from a food addiction and/or an eating disorder. Eating beyond full is common with a person suffering from binge eating disorder. Perhaps you are sensitive to sugar, flour, and wheat due to a chemical imbalance causing you to crave more and more food, especially from sweet and starchy food choices.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Why am I getting fatter even though I am exercising?’ no=’2/2′]Exercise alone does not always lead to weight loss. Perhaps you are eating more food than you are burning. Combining healthy eating with moderate exercise 4 to 6 days a week will usually kick up the weight loss and tone your body at the same time.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Why am I craving sugar, flour, and wheat?’ no=’2/2′]It is possible you are suffering from a food addiction leading you to craving sugar, flour, and wheat. There are some people who are highly sensitive to these foods and when ingested they can not stop thinking, craving, and/or eating these foods. It is quite similar to the person addicted to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Why am I thinking about weight and weight loss all the time?’ no=’2/2′]It is possible you are suffering from an eating disorder and/or food addiction. When you ingest sugar, flour, and wheat it may create the yearning for more of these foods as well as a fear and preoccupation with weight gain.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Why do I talk and think about food and weight all the time?’ no=’2/2′]Obsessions about food and weight are basic criteria found in binge eating disorder. Binge eating is consuming a large volume of food that by “normal” standards would be considered unusually excessive. With the binging come feelings of out of control while doing so.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Will I have an eating disorder or obesity because my family does?’ no=’2/2′]Research shows that eating disorders have a strong genetic component. It is not uncommon to find a binge eater with a mother who restricted or did extreme dieting. With that said, binge eaters often are induced by extreme dieting. Binge eaters are known to become numb to their feelings and surroundings as they bury themselves into an alarming amount of food. Food moves from being a simple solution to hunger into: a lover, a friend, a reward for success, company, a celebration, filler for loneliness, as well as a “fix” for dealing with touchy situations life can “dish” up.[/thrive_toggles]

[thrive_toggles title=’Why am I hiding food?’ no=’2/2′]Part of the lure with binge eating and food addiction is to hide food and retrieve it later to be eaten alone. It becomes a ritual to “fix” the pain. Also, hiding food makes it seem like it isn’t really happening…a type of denial. Furthermore, you may be feeling extreme shame and not want to be seen eating. Binge eating and addictive foods are eaten in an enormous volume, which might be embarrassing to you. A “normal” amount of food would not give you the “fix” you are looking for.[/thrive_toggles]


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