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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind or Healthy Mind, Healthy Body?

I was recently invited to a conference for eating disorders entitled: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: A Mindful Approach to Integrative Healing.

Unfortunately, my busy schedule prevents me from attending what will be a fascinating, and jam-packed with great information kind of lecture.

Though I regrettably can’t attend, when I read the invite my mind began to wander, as it’s known to do. How does this body/mind connect?

Does the healthy body  create the healthy mind or perhaps the healthy mind creates the healthy body? Is it the chicken before the egg, or the egg before the chicken? Though the program was much deeper and more pronounced then my imaginative mind, I can’t help but ponder over the healthy mind and the healthy body connection.

I think of Christina (not her real name!), who sported a perfect size 6 framed body. You know, the one we are all envious to occupy. She looked like a picture perfect model with the long flowing golden locks of hair, emerald green eyes, and olive skin, with an infectious smile, showing off a mouth full of perfectly white teeth.

All good, right?


Though Christina looks like she has a healthy body, she doesn’t have a healthy mind. And one without the other is never a good thing. Her thoughts are a continuous loop of negative bashing about her body. She’s not really living her best life though nobody would really know. She’s fearful to eat, yet hungry most of the time. She has rules about this and that, when it comes to a balanced array of foods.

No doubt, as Chalene Johnson, 131 Method, eloquently notes, “Your body is a miraculous machine with self healing mechanisms that in many cases you can activate simply through your nutrition. I could not agree more, but with that said, it takes the healthy mind to choose the healthy nutrition, hence the miraculous healing from the inside out. Or is it that it takes the healthy food to create the healthy mind?

Christina won’t be able to tap into her body as a miraculous machine if she doesn’t turn it around and eat balanced meals and incorporate moderate exercise, drink water instead of diet cokes, and tap into self-care and self-love. And perhaps if she sprinkled a touch of spiritual connection, or something beside her rigid obsession with her body, she’d produce opportunity to heal from the inside out, with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

How can Christina make such a change? And why should she, one might ask,  since she presents as this magnificent specimen? Christina is not well mentally nor physically. Without mental health well-being she is operating with faulty thinking. Faulty thinking leads to poor food choices that are not nourishing her body—nor her mind.

If the mind is set on healthy patterns then choosing real foods becomes a no brainer. But, if the mind is constantly yelling internal negative chatter, in time, you begin to believe this nonsensical message at your truth. Turn it around by changing the mental banter. I speak of this in Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter: Heal from the Inside Out at great length.

In fact, the healthy body I speak of in my first book, Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out…because the food dictates to the mind. And the mind dictates to the body. Oh…okay, so healthy food then healthy mind…and then healthy body. By George I think we got it. One is connected to the other, which is connected to the ultimate goal: The Body.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we need a healthy mind before we can attain the healthy body? And what the heck is a healthy body? Society dictates thin is healthy, but that’s not quite so, is it? If you don’t agree with my thoughts please give a shout out, your views are important too.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander next…

Hugs to you, I care!

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