Self Hypnosis Products

Self-Hypnosis Products

Lose weight permanently and be free from addictive eating in the privacy of your own home with self-hypnosis.  Dr. Lisa offers a natural way to lose weight and break free from addictive eating through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and self-hypnosis.  Visit my FAQ page about hypnosis.

Customers can securely and conveniently download various audio hypnosis sessions from this page.  Upon purchase, a link will be provided to downloaded your selected hypnosis track. Visit the Audio Download Frequently Asked Questions page for technical assistance with your download.

Interested in hearing a sample of Dr. Lisa perform hypnosis?  Visit here.

Hypnosis CD

Love Thy Self!

Love Thy Self is a first step in the self-hypnosis series to weight loss. The goal is to love yourself as you begin to release weight. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of the ocean waves while the sweet sounds of a piano are speckled throughout as you get lost and learn to love yourself.


Weight Loss by the Sea

Weight Loss by the Sea!

Weight Loss by the Sea is the second self-hypnosis CD that will move you in the direction of changing your relationship with food. Enjoy a “natural” way to release weight while the soft sounds of the ocean waves wash a calm over you!


Power Thoughts

Power Thoughts!

Power Thoughts is the third step in this series. It is a “powerful” self-hypnosis CD sending positive, uplifting suggestions. This CD will remove your negativity leaving you charged with enthusiasm and confidence during your journey to release your weight. Enjoy the soft sounds of the flute as it fills your being with peaceful calm.


Moving Through the Storm

Moving Through the Storm!

This CD will help you to remove resistance to exercise, leaving you charged with positive energy and the motivation to move your body. Enjoy peaceful ocean waves intermingled with different melodies and the sounds of nature during gentle rains and storms, as you reconnect to the playful, active side of you.



“Lisa, Thank you for the CD’s they arrived yesterday, I tore open the box, and had a very nice afternoon after CD 1. I was thrilled to hear your voice again I thought i would “wake up” and you would be there”


“My wife loves these, how long until your next hypnosis CD?”


“I feel healthier and happier every time I listen to Love Thy Self”


“I love your CD’s and look forward to your upcoming CD’s!”


“I can’t believe I have lost 20 pounds!”


“I am motivated to exercise again…never thought this could happen to me!”


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