The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


As I walked into my office, I could feel a sense of anticipation building within me. I flicked on the light, plugged in my fountain and oil lamp, and opened the blinds, allowing the warm, golden rays of natural light to stream in.

With sleeves rolled up, I was ready to embark on a transformative journey. It was New Year’s Day, and at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, I had made a resolution to clear the clutter in my office, rejuvenating the spiritual energy I once knew it for.

Time for Clutter Clearance

The task ahead was monumental. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing window ledges, and the emotional journey of shedding patient files that were older than seven years loomed before me.

A stack of files behind my chair, heaps on my desk, and others tucked away in the credenza were my formidable adversaries. But I was determined to conquer this mission.

In the tranquility of my office, I moved from one task to another, reminiscing about the patients I had served over the years. Their stories, their struggles, and their triumphs played like a vivid montage in my mind. Some of them had left this world, and their memory tugged at my heartstrings. We had bonded over shared battles against eating disorders, addictions and obsessive-compulsive thinking, growing together in spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery.

Then, there was Martin, a name that now carried profound significance. His file, clutched gently in my hands, brought forth memories of our very first session. Martin was trapped in his own body, burdened by an excess of two hundred pounds on his 5’10” frame. Even without opening his file, our past conversations flooded my thoughts. Like many of my patients, Martin saw therapy as his last lifeline to break free from his obsession with food.

As with all examples, real names, genders, and specifics were changed for anonymity and respect for patient’s identity.

I started our session with the routine questions, collecting data to understand his medical, psychological, family, and work history. But it was the exploration of his belief systems that unearthed hidden blocks and unresolved issues related to his eating disorder.

I asked Martin, “Do you believe in your ability to recover? Is it the trigger foods, or is it a spiritual disconnect, or perhaps both, that stand in the way of your recovery? Can you prioritize recovery over the relentless pursuit of weight loss? Are you ready to clear the clutter from your thought process?”

In our dialogue, we explored various avenues for treating his eating disorder and obesity. I suggested a comprehensive recovery plan that could include psychotherapy, participation in a Twelve-Step program, joining an anonymous support group, consulting with a nutritionist experienced in food addiction, and engaging with a prayer group or a faith community.

The possibilities were endless, and I asked Martin, “Which components from this list resonate with you?” He chose therapy, nutrition guidance, and a prayer group linked to his church, aligning with his Twelve-Step program for addressing his compulsive eating.

In my belief, to reach your full potential, you need to be in peak condition mentally, physically, and spiritually. You must also find harmony in your surroundings and embrace your true self. Martin shared this belief, understanding that to unlock his full potential, he needed to embrace all sources of support available and clear the clutter from his thought process.

Reignite Your Inner Spark

Many of us endure significant health consequences because of our relationship with food. For Martin, it was a medical necessity that initially propelled him towards recovery—a battle against raging cholesterol.

Unfortunately, most of society fails to fully comprehend or accept food addiction as a genuine condition. While we applaud those who conquer alcoholism, the same empathy is not always extended to those battling food addiction.

Despite Martin’s successful journey to reach and maintain a healthy weight, he tragically passed away at 57 from congestive heart failure. It was a heartbreaking reminder of the lifelong consequences of poor lifestyle habits. Sometimes, individuals cross a point of no return, and their bodies can no longer mend the damage.

Perhaps this was the case for Martin.

Today, my office gleams with newfound vitality, and the space I cherish is reborn. I may have shredded a mountain of files, but the stories etched within them will forever live in my heart. As I closed the blinds, turned off the lights, and unplugged the fountain and oil lamp, I cast one last loving gaze upon my impeccably clean, cozy haven.

           Decluttered Space!

In that moment, I couldn’t help but smile, remembering Martin’s joy as he reacquired simple pleasures—tying his shoes, riding a bike, crossing his legs, and buttoning the bottom buttons of his shirt. Though he departed this world earlier than we would have wished, he left it as a free soul, liberated from the shackles of his weight.

Remember, it is never too late to clear the clutter and reach for the stars, even if you only manage to touch the moon. Embrace your own journey to transformation, for within it lies the potential to set your spirit free and illuminate the path to a brighter, healthier future.

So, I ask you the same questions I asked Martin:

Do you believe in your ability to recover? Is it the trigger foods, or is it a spiritual disconnect, or perhaps both, that stand in the way of your recovery? Can you prioritize recovery over the relentless pursuit of weight loss? Are you ready to clear the clutter from your thought process?

Please share your thoughts—you are in good company.

Simply scroll to the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you, what you have to say is important.

Thank you for being a part of the reading blog forum and spending time with me and my thoughts throughout these pages. I hope my words lit your excitement to become your best self for you.

Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle ahead!

I look forward to sharing my newest book with you on how to release your obsession with your Phone.

God bless you… and your journey through this life and all that awaits beyond…

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Stay tuned… you never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care!
Dr. Lisa

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