There is more to life

than just increasing its speed.

~Mahatma Gandhi


Last week I had the honor of talking about my books on Boomers on Book. Vince Stevenson conducted the interview all the way from London. We had a lively chat about writing books, particularly how I got started and why books on obsessions.

After the interview, I pondered over how my series on obsessions began. It’s true, way back when I was very young I knew I would write, but what or how, was a mystery to me. What I didn’t tell Vince, because it slipped my mind, was I not only journaled from the age of thirteen, but I started and stopped stories a gazillion times. I didn’t know where to begin or how.

Tap Into Your Dream

In college I earned a degree in Political Science because I thought I’d practice law. But in the twists and turns of life that never came into fruition. The first semester of law school it occurred to me it was the wrong type of counseling, which was when I left behind working as a paralegal in FT. Lauderdale, Florida, quit law school and worked for Weight Watchers of Greater Miami to lead others on their weight loss journey.

I found my way to where I ended up later, which was in private practice working with patients struggling, first with weight challenges which morphed into eating disorder patients and then still more forward to other obsessions.

And presto, my series on Obsessions birthed. It was fun sharing my journey with Boomers on Books to the many who too always wanted to write.

Many years ago I walked the March of Dimes. I believe it was in 1991 pushing my then toddler through the ten-mile walk. As luck would have it, I fell in step with a woman who was a Christian writer for the Miami Tribune.

As we marched forward, sweating under the sweltering heat in South Florida, I timidly confessed I always wanted to write but never knew how to start. It was during that walk I learned from this columnist that the best way to write is to write what you know, and to study it from every angle.

Well, that’s what I did.

I learned firsthand about weight and weight loss by dropping close to one hundred pounds, then working for Weight Watchers for thirteen years followed by launching off on my own after studying mental health, earning a master’s degree in social work and then my doctorate in addiction psychology.


I was now on my way. After practicing a good decade, I wrote my first book, Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out.

Once my first book launched I wrote three more books with a fifth one, Release Your Obsession With Money: Heal from the Inside Out, to launch some time late September to early October.

Follow Your Dream

If you have a dream to write, my advice to you is to start writing, then fill in the gaps with education, readings, research, experience and you are well on your way.

My books on obsession will continue, as we never run out of things to obsess over, but also I am moving into writing fiction too. Young Abbie falls in love with a newspaper entrepreneur back in the 1800s dipping into the backdrop of stories leading to one cozy mystery after another.

What is your writing dream? Are you putting it off? What stands between you and penning that work that bubbles up within you?

Check out my video with Vince Stevenson @Vincestev @BoomersOnBooks, and perhaps you’ll get the spark to write too….

What is your dream? Are you tapping into your wish for this life? If so, we’d love to hear about your journey. If not, we’d love to  hear that too.

Thank you for being a part of the reading blog forum of this blog. If you have something you’d like to say, I’d love to hear it. YOU are important and your words need to be heard. I’m here for you.

To learn more on recovery from food addiction, eating disorders, weight issues, dieting, and aging, please check out my Release Your Obsession Series.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care!
Dr. Lisa

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