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There is no denying aging is inevitable. But what if aging gracefully were possible?

What if we could live a full, healthy and productive life: from the inside out without plastic surgery, fancy creams, and all the hype daily shown on every marketing venue?

What if you had the answers within all along in plain simple understanding?

Well look no further.Flowers in Full Bloom!

In this authentic raw truth book, Dr. Ortigara Crego, leading expert on releasing obsessions, reveals an authentic theory on how to age gracefully with sass and vigor—naturally.

The guidance found in Obsession with Aging is the elixir on how to slow aging and enhance productivity well into our ninety-plus years.

This book is not only for elders, it’s written to encourage individuals of all ages to explore the way their lives stand currently and how they want it to unfold as they march forward in their years.

This is not a “how to” book but rather what and why book on how to live your best life from first breath to last breath and everything in between.

Through a page-turning narrative, Dr. Lisa engages you into the process of authentic personal discovery and reveals simple lifestyle corrections from a body, mind, spirit perspective.

Release Your Obsession from Aging: Heal from the Inside Out will not only awaken parts of you that have been hidden, it will forever change the way you thing about why you age and what you can do about it from day one of reading this book.

Do you obsess over aging? Do you think it’s possible to age gracefully? What if you can embrace each moment in the present rather than the “what if” attitude? Check out Release Your Obsession With Aging so you can Heal from the Inside Out….


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Dr. Lisa

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