Food Plan

You’re one bite away from recovery from food addiction!

Weight Control Therapy is not about dieting but rather about spiritual recovery from food addiction and binge eating disorder. It is changing your relationship with food from dysfunctional to functional. It is  a lifestyle not a diet.

By eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack every single day your body will operate at an optimal level. Think of your body  like a machine that requires “real” foods  to work as fuel to burn through calories and rev up your metabolism.

By combining protein, fruit, “whole” complex carbohydrates, and vegetables in balanced portions, you will create a harmony that will satisfy your needs and fill your belly quicker.

By staying away from processed foods such as sugar and man-made carbohydrates, a calm will come over you. Your body will recognize that it has been fueled with the proper nutrients – real foods, made by God, who does not make junk!

By drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, your body will flush out the toxins, hydrate you, quench your thirst, improve your skin and fill your belly. Often we think we are hungry and we are really thirsty.

Weight Control Therapy is about getting out of the prison of dieting and quieting the lion within. The trick is to stay as close to natural foods as possible. Make every food you eat count!

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