Release Your Obsession with Aging

No one can deny that aging is inevitable. But what if aging gracefully is possible? What if we could live a full, healthy, and productive life from the inside out, without plastic surgery, expensive creams, and all the hype shown daily on every marketing venue? What if you had the answers all along within, in a plain, simple way of understanding? Well, look no further.

In this straightforward book of truth, Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego, the leading expert on releasing obsessions, reveals an authentic theory on how to age gracefully with sass and vigor—naturally. The guidance found in Obsession with Aging is the elixir for slowing aging and enhancing productivity well into our ninety-plus years.

This book is not only for elders, but is written to encourage individuals of all ages to explore the way their lives stand currently and how they want them to unfold as they march forward through the years. This is not a “how to” book, but rather a what and why book on how to live your best life from first breath to last breath and everything in between.

Through a page-turning narrative, Dr. Lisa engages you in the process of genuine personal discovery and reveals simple lifestyle corrections from a body, mind, spirit perspective. Release Your Obsession from Aging: Heal from the Inside Out will not only awaken parts of you that have been hidden, it will forever change the way you think about why you age and what you can do about it from day one of reading this book.


You are in charge of how you feel and deal with the challenges of aging

In this remarkable book, Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego, who is also on this journey of aging, gives us many facets to consider as we embark on our continued journey in life. Each chapter addresses some aspect of our cultural obsession with youth; our own attitudes, thoughts, and preconceptions about aging; and gives us practical examples of how people like ourselves have either overcome these hurdles or the consequences of continuing to hold on to unhealthy behaviors and beliefs. Each chapter also concludes with a section of Personal Inventory Questions which help the reader to review their own “take aways” from the ideas presented. It is what I consider to be a truly holistic approach to integrating the experiences of aging in a healthy and practical way, designed to allow us to enjoy the process instead of dreading it. I am hoping that it will be read by people of all ages, because I believe the lessons in it will help people to be present in the NOW. Aging is a gift that not everyone gets and I for one, appreciate that I have made it to my 60’s and look forward to the adventures to come.

Natalia Corres

An important perspective on aging

Lisa Ortigara Crego’s new book is another great example of her ability to engage readers on the critical topic of their thoughts and obsessions. This new book on aging follows on from her previous books that challenge people to think about their thinking; to realize that many thoughts are not just exaggerations but simply wrong and bring with them serious barriers to health and wellness. This is particularly true of concepts about aging, as Lisa points out, and can make the difference between a lonely and bereft life, or a vital and meaningful one. Moreover, Lisa doesn’t just limit her wisdom to seniors but applies it to how we think about aging throughout the lifespan. Lisa is a great writer, a very experienced clinician and someone who has walked the walk, so she is the ideal person to remind us about our obsessions, where they come from and how to vanquish them. Her insights and easy-to-follow practical advice combine to create a complete and meaningful book. And if Lisa is a little bit obsessed about obsessions I for one, am grateful. In short, this is a great book for anyone planning on – and worried about — having another birthday.

Jason Brookes

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