Release Your Obsession with Cheat Daze

Cheat DAZE is not like the common diet book—It’s not about a diet at all—It’s on the subject of a freedom you never imagined—f reedom from the Cheat DAZE, food frenzy that seizes you on any and every special occasion. Well, no more. This is a new way of relating to food. Imagine that you feel no gripping “will power” or guilt, or jonsing or any of those old familiar feelings when that feeling comes on and you know you’re going to cave. By the time you finish reading Release your Obsession with Cheat Daze: Heal from the Inside Out you will be able to skillfully arrest any inner and outer turmoil focused on the one cheat day—that often turns into days—and the Daze, as you enter zombie zone. But instead, for once, you will live free from the burdens and fears of caving into sugary, high-fat food selections, no longer white knuckling and forcing change in an unnatural way. You will no longer live for the cheat day.


Refresh your committment 

After reading Dr. Crego’s book, “Release Your Obsession with Cheat Daze.” I am moved to ask this question. Now that you have ridden yourself of wheat, flour and sugar in your daily dies, are you tempted to reward yourself by cheating?

You must realize that you are heroic for what you have accomplished. You’ve gotten control of your eating passions. You eat three meals and a snack each day, all free of wheat, sugar and flour. You’re feeling great and looking good. But you are inclined to reward yourself with a day off the regime.l After all, you deserve a break after all that hard work. Right?

You probably also realize that such a departure will upset the rhythm the efforts you have put forth for you mind and body. If this urge you feel to cheat on yourself is real, I suggest you read this latest book by Dr. Crego.

Much like her earlier works, she reminds you of all you have gone through to get the great balance you now have and the consequences of cheating on yourself. In this easy to read book, she reminds you of her own journey and that of others she has treated over the years.

Reward yourself with this book, not out of control eating. You can obtain a copy of Release Your Obsession with Cheat Daze in either hard copy or e book at Amazon.Com. Enjoy your success with this book. God Bless you. Stay the course.

Michael J. Deep

A more empathetic approach to getting to an ideal weight

As soon as I began reading Dr. Lisa’s introduction, I knew she “got me.” Her stories of family traditions centered around food, of family members discussing others’ bodies, and of family struggles with weight — all hit home with me. Dr. Lisa asks deep, meaningful questions to help assess your personal relationship with food, how your weight effects your life, and your motivations for change. It helped me see a completely different way to look at myself. I recommend it.

Mark Stinson

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