Release Your Obsession with Food

Dr. Ortigara Crego, a clinical psychotherapist, addiction psychologist and Visiting Professor in private practice worked in the field of eating disorders for over two and a half decades. She earned a doctorate in addiction psychology, a master’s degree in social work with the emphasis on mental health, and is certified as an eating disorder specialist.Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out is a book for anyone trying to end the vicious cycle of compulsive eating, It is not about fad diets or quick weight loss but instead focuses on chemical imbalance, psychology, and spirituality. It helps readers meet this difficult challenge through practical, structured, step-by-step advice and reveals how others have found relief and resolution of never-ending issues with food.This book is the result of a lifelong journey of self-discovery and can help free you from an obsession with food. Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego tells how she moved away from active food addiction to spiritual recovery and reveals how you can also escape from compulsive eating.If you want to change your life or the life of a loved one struggling with these challenges this book is for you.


Real advice for those suffering with food addictions

This is not a dry how-to book, but one with usable advice that has worked for Dr. Ortigara Crego as well as the patients she documents. Beyond that, the stories here are gripping ones, and people who do have similar problems with food will find much hope in these accounts.

The outcome for sufferers points to a new way of life for any who can grab onto not just a transformed way of eating, but a different way of life, a human path that goes beyond seeing ourselves as just physical beings and adds in the spiritual side of existence–who we really are. No matter someone’s elected spiritual passageway, and even if the reader has none now, miracles can appear in lives that have been beset by troubles with food for even many decades. The author is clear and full of understanding for how people become trapped in a wheel of addiction and the lengths they will go to, in order to satisfy irresistible cravings.

The book is very readable and easy to understand and speaks directly to the hundreds and thousands of those trapped in an addictive bind that seems to allow for no way out. Dr. Ortigara Crego presents a constructive means of escape that doesn’t require jumping through hoops. This book is different. This is the one. Highly recommended.

G. Miki Hayden

Living Proof

Release Your Obsession with Food: Dr. Lisa M Ortigara Crego this book is a must for anyone who is FINALLY ready to make a change for the REST of their LIVES not just for a few months. I am living proof that change in your eating patterns can truly save your life. It has been over 10 years since I have started living sugar, flour, and wheat free thanks to Dr. Lisa. I am recovering from a lifelong eating disorder. By following Dr. Lisa and taking out sugar, flour, and wheat from my daily eating habits. I have been about to release my obsession with food. It is that simple. 3 delicious meals, a snack and a walk every day equals a balanced body and mind!

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