Release Your Obsession with Money by Dr Lisa Ortigara CregoRelease Your Obsession with Money

Are you always on the hunt for money? Do you feel poor? Do you want to spend, spend, spend, but have no funds for such behavior? If you answered yes to just one question, Release Your Obsession With MONEY: Heal from the Inside Out is the book for you. What stands between you and your financial freedom? Escape the dollar slump and live free from the money obsession once and for all. You don’t have to inherit riches, earn a high income, or possess a degree in finance to be monetarily stable. Learn the psychology and actions behind how to make money work for you.

In Release Your Obsession with MONEY: Heal from the Inside Out, author Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego shares twenty chapters exploring real money situations and the psychological reasons behind the obsession with money. You don’t need to be an expert in investing to achieve financial freedom. You just require a down-home, commonsense understanding of how a healthy money relationship using a simple, easy-to-understand approach will let you break free from the money obsession and wind up with plenty to spend.


Money is not the key to happiness

In her newest book, Dr. Ortigara Crego focuses on releasing your obsession with money, and emphasizes that “money doesn’t make the person.” With a fresh take on financial freedom, the author explains why unhealthy relationships with money lead to obsessing about money, and the inability to achieve real happiness. In an easy-to-understand approach, with real-life examples from her patients and her own personal life experiences, she prioritizes the need to go from unhealthy to healthy actions, and heal from the inside out. As she writes, “when we change our thoughts, we can change our lives.”

I’m in awe of how truthful she is in speaking about her own challenges along the road of life, making it easier for the reader to identify with her as someone who knows how to overcome these obsessions and achieve success. She shares personal stories in all her books, making them about real life.

As is her philosophy, Dr. Lisa aims for a balanced approach of mind, body, and spirit, with an emphasis of being your “best self.” Some of her messages from this book have become my favorite takeaways, as related to money and happiness. These are a few examples worth noting:

“Life is full of lessons and one is that money isn’t always what brings happiness. You and your inner workings are what brings happiness.”

“Tomorrow is promised to no one, and today is a gift.”

“Clinging to an obsession blocks you from your authentic you. It keeps you in the grip of grasping for something that is not real—not real in the sense of who you are and what’s important.”

Well worth the read!

Margie Miklas

Specific approach and methods to heal yourself

Dr. Lisa has done it again with her latest book in the series, Release Your Obsession…this time with money.

She outlines a specific approach and methods to heal yourself from the inside out with our obsession with money. Interestingly, it comes in three ways: obsessing over the lack of money, obsessing over making more money, or obsessing over out to keep the money you have.

In addition to the references from her clinical expertise and research-based psychological methods, Dr. Lisa also includes numerous personal and practical examples from her own patient files. These include experiences from families, from business associates, even from her own life.

This book is not for someone looking for a quick self-help fix. Rather it is a comprehensive journey through the stages required to truly release your obsession with money. This includes exercises and questions for reflection Dr. Lisa adds at the close of each chapter.

Mark Stinson

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