Release Your Obsession with Your PhoneJust Published! Release Your Obsession with Your Phone

Why are so many people obsessed with their phones? Is it the quest for happiness? The need for immediate access to some morsel of information? Is it the fear of missing out that keeps us glued to our devices, ready to respond to every ping, cling, or ding? Or are we lonely and in search of a connection, something to make us feel better about ourselves?

Whatever it is, if your phone is controlling your life, and you can’t function for long without it, this is the book for you.

Release Your Obsession with Your PHONE: Heal from the Inside Out examines the psychology behind the mobile phone obsession and guides readers in the search for a more authentic lifestyle. As you power through these pages, you will learn how to free yourself from the control your phone has over you and live your best life from the inside out.


Now, I understand the emotional relationship with my phone

Dr. Lisa comes through again with the latest in her series, “Release Your Obsession…”; this time with your phone.

This book is not simply a “put down your phone” admonition. Instead, it is a comprehensive look at why one might be connected to the phone. I now have a better idea of the deeper emotional relationship with my phone – which can help me truly release my obsession with it.

She offers stories from her own life, as well as cases from her clinical practice. These real-world experiences from patients, families, and business colleagues bring the principles to life. For me, it seems like she delivers research-based psychotherapy in print.

Dr. Lisa has outlined the book in three parts: defining the obsession, presenting the realignment, and turning the corner. Each chapter closes with personal assessment questions to make the concepts actionable.

I highly recommend this book.

Mark Stinson

A book that speaks to all of us!

Having read the previous books in this series, I think Release Your Obsession with Your Phone is the best one yet. While unraveling the psychology behind smartphone addiction, Dr. Lisa Ortigara-Crego delivers strategies to connect with our authentic selves and achieve a balance by living in the moment.

Although most of us resist admitting any addiction to our phones, I know I’m guilty. I especially enjoyed the author’s use of humor as she describes some of her personal anecdotes, which actually made me laugh out loud. In this book, I learned helpful strategies in how to prioritize time and value real-life experiences over virtual ones. For anyone who uses a mobile phone for anything other than a conversation, I highly recommend this newest release.

Margie Miklas

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