What would we expect of someone who feeds only on fast food and unhealthy snacks filled with sugar and fats? A healthy body? I think not. What about a long life? Of course not. We would expect physical health to decline as a result of the food intake. Is it any different with spiritual food?
Could it be the intake of the divine source could restore a food addict to an all encompassing state of health?

The food addict knows all too well today’s culture is loaded with unhealthy processed foods, but what about spiritual food? Today we are inundated with information that is less than palatable for the spiritual self that captures our attention on a daily basis. In the advent of technology, unsavory information leaks out in all directions that distract us from purposeful living. And much of what we feed on is unhealthy spiritually and nutritionally.

“You are what you eat” applies not only in the physical world, but also in the spiritual world. In our pursuit of spiritual food and whole food, our minds and bodies hunger for genuine nutrition from both realms.

Our bodies are our temples while our minds should be our sanctuary. God calls us to watch our diets. It pleases Him when we care for His temple, our bodies. But it pleases Him much more when we care for His mind, our sanctuary. It’s the creative divine spirit that is able to manifest anything it contemplates, and making the decision to co-create your program of recovery with your higher source will carry you beyond your greatest wishes.

With your creator all things are possible. Without the higher energy and not participating in a food program of recovery the disease will resurface.

There’s no way to take in junk without becoming junky. The force behind recovery is what drives the transcendence that far surpasses the attachment to binge eating. It is the spiritual dimension, a unifying field that integrates the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of being.

Spiritual healing alone works if you’re not dealing with a chemical imbalance. Without hindrance, let His thoughts nourish you both physically and mentally.
The spiritual dimension is the essence of self and also transcends the self. It’s our closest, most direct experience of the universal life force. Food addiction is beyond our control without the help of a higher energy to transcend us from our pain so we can attend to address our own issues and well being.

Yes, it is the presence of a strong spiritual source combined with whole foods that can restore the food addict to an all encompassing state of health. We can expect a physical and mental transformation feeding on whole foods free of cakes, fried foods, and ice cream replaced by nutritional foods such as a mix of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, pure oils, dairy, and protein.

Perhaps our body and mind will respond to the the spiritual food and whole food with a longer life, physical restoration, and spiritual fulfillment.

Photo taken by: Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego
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