Stop Making Excuses!

Are you making excuses for your inability to exercise? Are you tired most of the time? When was the last time you had a routine exercise plan built into your lifestyle?

If you answered yes to the first two questions and never to the last you are in good company, most people make excuses…some real…some not so real… on why they can’t or won’t exercise.

Often the excuses are based on pain, time, boredom, fear, habit, etc.

The Honeymoon Phase…

One of my patients, we’ll call him Tom, filled with jubilation because he finally did it—joined a well-known gym. Yep he’s “finally going to get in shape,” he stated adamantly. Jim is close to 120 pounds more than his ideal weight based on height and build, and admits he abhors exercise but this time was going to be different.

In fact, Tom blurted out a few months ago that he’d rather wear high heels and prance down the grocery style aisle swinging his hips than work out. So, you can imagine my perplexed stare when he flashed his crisp white sneakers and shiny gym club card. Was Tom really going to join the exercise gurus?

Is Tom for Real…

Will Tom really stick to an exercise plan? I’ve seen “Toms” come and go all with great intentions but when the day to implement the change arrived something happened and they quit before they started or some other reason interrupted the process.

Check out some classic excuses (real and imagined) I’ve seen and heard and even experienced myself over the years:

  1.  Began the work out fast and furious and injured a foot, ankle, or some body part
  2. The honeymoon stage came and went
  3. Excuses of not having enough time
  4. The exercise program was too expensive
  5. Their significant other complained they’re never home
  6. They were shy and embarrassed when a super physically fit gym rat appeared
  7. They got bored
  8. They felt stuffed into their exercise clothes and revealed too much excess skin
  9. They’re significant other begged them to quit because they were changing too much
  10. They decided it was easier to be heavy and hold onto their sad story then return to a normal weight

Sound familiar? I know that was my story for sure. I remember when I joined the Chicago Health Club back in 1980 when exercise facilities became the new rage. I was so proud when my wallet spilled open while I was at the counter paying for something and my shiny gold card “accidentally” slipped out revealing my membership boasting to the cashier I was a member. Of course the attendant had no clue I’d only gone to the club less than a hand full of times over a ten year period.

I was so proud…

Joining a club to get fit is a huge ordeal…something to be proud of—a commitment that change was in the air. A new beginning about to unfold.

Well let me tell you, I was so proud to be a member of the Chicago Health Club…yet truth be told I only went about two times in the almost 10 year membership. Why? Go back and read my 10 excuses above and you’ll know why.

What is the Answer…

The answer is start your exercise routine slow and steadily. Don’t rush into anything at first. Start with a small 5 minute walk in the neighborhood daily. After a week add 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, and so forth. Once you begin to feel the benefits and it becomes a habit then do a pros and cons list of how you want exercise to fit into your life.

Your list could be something like:

  • Outside or Inside exercise
  • Expensive gym vs inexpensive gym
  • Walking or weights or both
  • Daily or every other day or just weekends
  • Alone or with someone or your dog perhaps
  • A scenic walk in the neighborhood or to the park, beach, mountains etc.
  • Fancy exercise clothes or casual clothes

Once you create your list again look at the pros and cons of choices and why one or the other choice is perfect for you. I can tell you I’m NOT a gym person for most of the reasons I listed above. I don’t like exercising with people nor do I like talking to anyone when I work out. I prefer alone in prayer or meditation or listening to one of my favorite podcasts like Pat Flynn or Dr. Wayne Dyer from Hay House or The Catholic Channel daily mass, and of course Michael Hyatt, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I like to exercise in the morning in casual not fancy clothes. I do pray with my sister via phone (she lives in Illinois) but it’s only about 20 minutes and then I’m on my own doing my own thing (as listed above).

What Feels Right for You…

An exercise routine is very personal and must fit your needs not anybody else. Many of my patients love going to the gym and are quite successful. Heck my oldest son is a definite daily gym rat where my younger son prefers to jog or cycle on the beach. One son hates to sweat, “weathering the outside elements” as he says while the other wants to feel and embrace the outside nature…the warm breeze against his skin, birds chirping, sun warming his joints…etc.

No More Excuses…

You may ask why exercising is so important to add to your lifestyle, the answer is simple, people who exercise are generally healthier, more focused, in good physical shape, clearer skin, more patient, more organized, happier, energetic…shall I go on because I can…the list is endless….

Find what exercise plan works for you—no more excuses! Life is short; get out there (inside or outside) and move—you won’t regret it. Start off slow and steady and you will win the race. I promise!

What do you think, do you exercise?

What exercise fears do you have?

Did you ever start an exercise program and quit due to an injury?

Share your success story we’d love to hear…

Don’t give up…scroll down and comment on your experiences. I want to know what’s going on with you. I care.

Hugs to you…

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