Group Therapy

Come join Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego for a phenomenal two hours of weight loss strategies and self-hypnosis! Hypnosis groups are put together by demand. If you have the perfect group of people you would like to release weight with please contact Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego. You can bring your group to Lisa or she can come to you with proper arrangements made. Prices do vary according to where she travels.

Dr. Lisa can build a group specifically for your personal needs. Groups run for 5 weeks at the cost of $125.00 per person for five sessions. Self-hypnosis tapes and CD’s are available for your needs. Dr. Lisa’s groups are lively and upbeat yet give you the information that you need to release your weight once and for all.

Contact Dr. Lisa today to build your personal group. Your group can be as little as eight people and as many as your room can hold! Monies must be collected in advance for all 5 weeks. Everyone will receive one complimentary weight loss tape on their first session!

Lose weight today with your own group psychotherapy session! Great topics of building self-esteem, weight loss strategies, the latest diet trends and exercise along with self-hypnosis will be provided for you! Register your group early to reach your optimal weight naturally, easily and spontaneously!

Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego is located at the offices of Associate Counseling and Psychiatry at 2225 North University Drive in Pembroke Pines Florida, 33024. She can be reached by E-mail or by phoning 954-927-5953. Don’t wait…take charge of your life now!

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