Individual Therapy

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone! It’s Not Your Fault!

Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego has been in private practice for over a decade and a half. She has devoted her life to changing people’s lives in a positive direction. She is motivated by her own weight loss issues she has overcome and wants to help others find their answers too. Dr. Lisa has lost close to 100  pounds and has maintained this loss for nearly 18 years!

Dr. Lisa’s private practice is bulging at the seams with patients wanting to change their life. Because her practice is very busy, she has put together this web site to bring her information to you! Due to her large demand, she has built a phenomenal series of weight loss  CD’s to help individuals through their weight loss journey.

Self-hypnosis CD’s are excellent tools to help with weight loss goals. Private sessions are also a powerful way to work through weight issues, depression and low self-esteem, on a face to face basis. Dr. Lisa is available to help you realize your dreams of building your confidence, self-esteem, and permanent weight loss.

The doctor keeps herself abreast with all the newest information that is available in helping her patients reach their goals. She has a Ph.D. in addiction psychology, wrote her dissertation on The Spiritual Recovery from Food Addiction to better understand the relationship between the recovery from food addiction, obesity, and spiritual recovery. Her style of practice is cognitive, behavioral and humanistic with a holistic flare.

Dr. Lisa continues to study advanced hypnosis to better serve her patients in private sessions along with putting out the best self-hypnosis CDs for the public. Losing weight does not have to be an arduous process, it can be smooth, natural and even fun if given the right tools.

Contact Dr. Lisa for your private session today! Dr.  Lisa’s office is designed with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Her office is surrounded by three oblong windows allowing the natural light to filter into her office. Her office is facing a garden setting. She has created a perfect atmosphere for hypnosis and psychotherapy.

Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego offers individual therapy and hypnosis. She is a certified eating disorder specialist with the emphasis on food addiction and binge eating disorder, mood disorders, and low self-esteem. She maintains a very successful professional practice. To learn how to make a personal appointment simply contact Dr. Lisa about your individual needs. Please click here to e-mail her directly.

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