Stir Up The Gift Of God, Which Is In You.
~2 Timothy 1:6


Life would be much simpler if we were all born with a book that told us how to age gracefully, a book that answered our deepest internal fears and gave us the go-ahead that it’s okay to age, a book that delivered support when we needed it. But in the end, we must all write this book for ourselves and find our true path in life, as it unfolds.

That we will age is inevitable, and we will all die, but we can embrace the journey—or not. Stir up the gift of God, which is in you. This gift is in each of us—it is not the outside that speaks to our soul—our inner being—but rather what is within.

I wrote my first three books on obsession with food, mind chatter, and cheat days respectively. I thought I’d covered what I needed to say, but, once again, my work was not done. Day in and day out, I watched patients chasing youth—and it starts early. Some are only in their thirties and they’re shooting up Botox as if it’s heroin. Or they’re going for rhinoplasty, butt lifts, breast and lip augmentation—and the list goes on.

I’m not saying plastic surgery is a bad thing, because surely it’s not. But what I am saying is such procedures can become an obsession and out of control—as you’ll see in the pages ahead Release Your Obsession with AGING: Heal from the Inside Out). But you’ll also note how many find their happy place exactly where they are as they reach toward self-actualization.

I discovered that a vast number of patients with eating disorders, if not all, had body image challenges lurking in the background. And with body image often come weight obsessions and body part obsessions—and eventually age obsession, trailing close behind.

My goal here is to lead you to a healthy relationship with your body, touching on weight and eating disorders as I thread through the issue of fear of aging. By the time you finish this book, you’ll feel confident regarding what is right and what is not right for you. I promise.

                              Aging Gracefully

I’ve helped patients and readers alike with weight issues, body image, diet obsessions, and food addiction, and now I’d like to help you live free from the obsession with aging.

Feel The Fear—And Do It Anyway

Aging gracefully…

Stop and envision what you would feel like being at peace and not plagued by the obsession with aging—knowing that for once you have no urge to lean into the mirror and count every new line—every new sag, wrinkle, bump, vein, or newly popped-up something. I promise if you look close enough you will find something, I know I do.

What would you feel like to master and work through what you’re afraid of as you allow yourself to age with dignity and honor? Perhaps you have fears over pending illnesses or seeing others you love aging and becoming frail, or worse, approaching death, and you fear this will happen to you, too. And it might—but chances are it won’t and certainly not in the same way or at the same time as you imagine. So, spending precious moments focusing on the might ofs and should ofs and could ofs is squandering unrecoverable time.

As we age, we’re entering the unknown—all of us. We don’t know what to expect on any given day, and perhaps others’ misfortunes create obsessions and fears concerning our own forecasts.

When we embed another’s misfortunes as a possibility that they could be ours, we begin to fester with the worry—the obsession. If we stay in the now and embrace our good fortune, take care of ourselves with healthful nutrition, moderate exercise, and daily grooming and hygiene—particularly in relation to our teeth—we are on our way to aging gracefully.

Perhaps you’re chasing diets and wanting to become thin, believing that would bring back youth and postpone aging. And maybe it will. I’m not saying don’t look your best and be your fittest. But what I am saying is stop the insane nonsense in your head pushing you to look 20 when you’re 50.

One woman I saw years back, Jana, was 80-something, engaged in enough plastic surgery to create a thirty-year-old face. She had surgery upon surgery to sculpt the most gorgeous young face possible.

Now you might think, What’s wrong with that? Well, our hands, gait, voice, and necks can’t be 30. Seeing the mismatch might seem creepy. Nothing is wrong with bettering the self, even if that means working in a cosmetic surgery or two, or even three. That’s up to you—a personal decision. It’s okay. What’s not okay is when the surgery becomes obsessive (does Michael Jackson come to mind?) or when in the aging process you become gripped with terror of the next line, sag, or aging something.

Signs of aging are going to happen—to all of us, in time, if we live long enough. But we can go through the changes with open arms, while taking care along the way to preserve and promote good health from the inside out—and the goal of this book is to encourage that.

Why Another Book On Obsession?

Often, while writing this, I have been asked how this book ever came into being. I think the best answer is that after I wrote my first book, Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out, I realized my work wasn’t done but rather only beginning. To unravel and correct eating disorders takes tapping into the many realms of releasing your obsession with food, leading to my second book, Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter, drilling into the topic of obsessive thoughts about food and diets—which led to the third book, Release Your Obsession with Cheat DAZE, looking into the lies we tell ourselves in adopting a cheat day mentality.

I needed to lead those in trouble with food addiction away from the grip of their compulsion to the refuge of eating recovery, from negative inner chatter to positive inner considerations, to disbanding the cheat day mentality by eating healthful foods no matter where you are or who you are with, no matter the occasion.

The latter, of course, is what blossomed into this fourth book—how to Release Your Obsession With Aging so that you can continue to heal from the inside out—because the obsessions don’t end with food, relentless thoughts, and cheat days; often they move on to an attempt to defy aging by what can be extreme and expensive measures. My goal here then is to help you move away from any makeshift elaboration you have conjured up in your belief system that hooks into a negative would-be age-defying mentality.

And guess what? I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m not done with my obsession with obsessions. I’m so excited for my upcoming book on money, yep, Release Your Obsession With Money: Heal from the Inside Out releasing any day now!

I have no doubt that being young provides a fun and exciting whirl of emotions and activities—but all phases of our lives have their time and season. This is not to say we shouldn’t stay youthful, because we should, but not to the point of indulging a gripping obsession.

Do you obsess over aging? Do you think it’s possible to age gracefully? What if you can embrace each moment in the present rather than the “what if” attitude? Check out Release Your Obsession With Aging so you can Heal from the Inside Out….

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander… You can leave a comment by scrolling down to the section that says leave a reply.  I look forward to hearing from you!

All my books revolve around obsessions and all circle back to body image or weight images of some sort—that sense of not being good enough. One obsession often morphs into another. I see patients that came to me for gambling addictions, but then as we looked closer we found weight obsessions and money obsessions, along with aging obsessions and other compulsions or rituals taking up residence in their head and behaviors.

I found one obsession is just an opening to another obsession, which is why we need to release our obsessions, which is the major theme of every single book I write and every single blog I post.

What is your obsession? We all obsess over something. Maybe you’re a germaphobe, and squeamish about catching something. Of course, with the coronavirus, fears of getting sick popped up for many. Please share your obsession—you are in good company.

Thank you for spending time with me and my thoughts throughout these pages. I hope my words lit your excitement to become your best self for you. I look forward to sharing my next book with you on how to release your obsession with money.  God bless you… and your journey through this life and all that awaits beyond…

Thank you for being a part of the reading blog forum of this blog. If you have something you’d like to say, I’d love to hear it. YOU are important and your words need to be heard. I’m here for you.

To learn more on recovery from food addiction, eating disorders, weight issues, dieting, and aging, please check out my Release Your Obsession Series.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care!
Dr. Lisa

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