You’ll be calm the day you learn

to sit alone

and do nothing.

~Maxime Lagacé

I dedicate this book to Lily and Tory Crego.
That they may connect with God, people,
nature, and their inner authentic spiritual self…
~Dr. Ortigara Crego

It’s no secret most of us are attached to our phones. Yes, you too! We can’t seem to put the darn thing down. Why is this so? Why are we so fascinated with our phones? 

It’s because we can do just about anything with these mobile devices. I’m reading a fun book by an author friend, Pip Skinner, who wrote Mortal Mission: A Martian Murder Mystery, and she refers to the Smart Phone as an All-in-One throughout the novel. Wow, that just about covers it.

Our phone can do just about anything, that’s why we call them smart, or an all in one! All of what you need is in one handy dandy device that fits in the palm of your hand. Genius!

How Smart is the Smart Phone?

Our smartphones can work like a computer, a money manager, a best friend, and for sure link us to social media.

We’re connected, but disconnected. And that was why I wrote my newest book on our obsessions with our phones.

We are obsessed. Even little kids are obsessed. My little grandbabies, not even one year and a half, are fascinated with the lights and sounds of this amazing device to the point they want to hold it and not let it go.

Yes, we do that too!

Come on, you know you do. We grip the phone as if it’s going to do something for us… give us something that we need.

And maybe it does.

But, we can’t let it control us.

Unplug Yet Stay Connected

Margi Miklis, a nonfiction writer on her travels throughout Italy, as well as a fiction psychological thriller writer, wrote a lovely endorsement I posted on the cover of Release Your Obsession with YOUR Phone: Heal from the Inside Out. She wrote, “The perfect self-help book to help you unplug, but still stay connected.”
And that really says it all. T

he goal of Release Your Obsession with Your PHONE: Heal from the Inside Out is to help you unplug from your phone, but of course, to continue to stay connected. Because the reality is we need our phones but sometimes the obsessiveness can impede our quality of life. It’s not unusual for many of us to spend hours on end with our nose in the phone.

Not good!

Release Your Obsession with Your PHONE: Heal from the Inside Out is a book on how to let go and not let the phone take over.

Times were simple in our kid world and entertainment was creative. And now, long gone are the televisions with rabbit ears, transistor radios and eaves dropping on Mrs. Smith (Yes, I’m that old remembering the party line!), all replaced with entertainment rolled into one device.

My, how far we’ve come. Today the phone is your television, computer, talking device, stock trader, movie port, social connection, and on and on with new ideas and uses.

Never Alone Again

Heck, this little compact device had become your best friend. You take everywhere you go, yes, even in the bathroom. The Cell-Tel is your companion. It’s your everything. It seems we store our entire life in this box.

And I don’t say that lightly because you, the reader, know this is so. Imagine life without it—even for an hour.

Why are so many people obsessed with their phones? Is it the quest for happiness—the belief that some morsel of information must need attention? Is it the fear of missing out? Or are we on the hunt for information? Is it a filler for loneliness?

Perhaps it’s the ping, cling, and squeak notifying us to hurry and retrieve the information. Whatever it is, if it’s controlling your life, and you can’t function without it, this is the book for you.

Imagine life without your cellphone, could you? Be honest. Do you find it attached to your hip twenty-four-seven? I do. Most of us are obsessed with this hunk of substance weighing in at 240 grams.

Most can’t go anywhere or do anything without it attached. And that’s not too far from where I was at six years old. However, the device then was simply a radio. It was not a phone with many opportunities along with dangers waiting.

This book on phone addiction is not a technical book on the inner workings of the telephone, but a deep dive into the addictive grip of this amazing must-have little device.

Release Your Obsession with Your PHONE is a book on tapping into your authentic spiritual self not relying on the outer world but operating from the inner world so you can tap into the outer world with grace and dignity not urgency and fear of missing out (FMO).

It’s not a book telling readers how bad the cellular is, but a book on how not to chase other people’s lives to solve depression, weight issues, aging, eating disorders, finding Mr. and Ms. Right, etc. This book explores how we may live within our real self and build security within, releasing the outer obsessions.

We spend thousands upon thousands of hours looking for information, influencers, solutions, products on our updated high-tech gadget, the smart iPhones serving as a mini iPad, laptop, bank, school, friend, gambling tool and much more.

Releasing your obsession with your phone is a close look at the psychology behind our behavior and thoughts and choices, producing this “I’ve arrived” sense of ourselves because of this new thing or that new thing. And this is not so.

I wrote my first three books on obsession with food, mind chatter, and cheat days, respectively. I thought I’d covered what I needed to say, but, once again, my work had only just begun. Day in and day out, I watched patients chasing youth and money and who were obsessed with their phones.

It was then I crafted the next chunk of my advice on obsessions with Release Your Obsession with Aging, which led to Release Your Obsession with Money, and now Release Your Obsession with Your PHONE, the very book you are reading now. Obsessions have a way of jumping from one grip to another, yet all connecting.

My goal here is to lead you to a healthy relationship with yourself, the richest commodity you could ever own. And webbed in and out are the other obsessions from the first five books, touching on weight and eating disorders as I thread through fear of aging, money obsessions, and that darn phone grip.

By the time you finish Release Your Obsession with Your PHONE: Heal from the Inside Out, you’ll feel confident regarding what is right and what is not right for you. I promise.

Are you obsessed with your phone? Do you need your phone by you at all times? What does it feel like when you don’t have your phone by you? How long can you go without checking your phone? Share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you, simply scroll all the way down to the comments section.

Life would be much simpler if we were all born with a book that guided us through our every need, a book that answered our deepest internal fears and gave us the go-ahead that it’s okay to unplug, a book that delivered support when we needed it. But in the end, we must all write this book for ourselves and find our true path in life as it unfolds.

Thank you for spending time with me and my thoughts. I hope my words lit your excitement to become your best self for you and to push through your fears.

I’m excited to share my newest book with you on how to Release Your obsession with Your PHONE. God bless you and your journey through this life and all that awaits beyond.

Thank you for being a part of the reading blog forum of this blog. If you have something you’d like to say, I’d love to hear it. YOU are important and your words need to be heard. I’m here for you.

Stay tuned. You never know where my mind will wander…

Hugs to you, I care!
Dr. Lisa
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